About Us

Call our Burlington Appliance Repair team every time one of your home appliances is not working well, leaks, or gives you any trouble. You can also trust our professional routine and installation appliance services. What our whole team is trying to accomplish at our local company in Burlington, Ontario, is not just fix sudden problems with laundry room and kitchen appliances, but also make sure they are all well fitted, leveled, and maintained.

We provide full appliance services

With such services, Appliance Repair Burlington makes sure your home units work well without wasting energy or leaking water. But then again we are always here to take care of urgent issues. Our appliance repair service ranges from fixing washers & dryers to replacing the damaged door seal of your oven or fridge, fixing the dishwasher and taking care of the microwave. We have expert laundry room and kitchen appliance technicians, who are qualified, updated, and certified to fix any regular or small gas and electric appliance.

Home appliance service is done effectively the first time and performed as soon as possible. We cover urgent needs on a same-day basis and always carry spares with us to replace damaged parts. But we will also be there on time to install a new oven or dryer, service the fridge & freezer, and take care of any other request. What’s vital is that you count on our Appliance Repair in Burlington for any home unit need and expect timely and quality services at affordable prices. Call our expert team anytime!

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